Top 5 Photography Tips for Amateurs

Photography is one of the very best ways to capture a moment and make it last a lifetime. Whether it’s a family vacation, a special event, or just an ordinary day, photography allows you to capture a moment in time, and hold onto it forever. 

If you’re just starting out in the world of photography, you may feel overwhelmed with all that’s involved in the craft — from finding the right camera, to taking stunning photos, it’s natural to want to snap gorgeous snapshots right off the bat. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top five photography tips for amateurs to help you get started on your journey to spectacular photography. 

How to be the best amateur photographer you can be 

Though there are a lot of small details that go into creating the perfect photo, you don’t have to be an expert to do so. 

Let’s talk about some of the best ways to take some beautiful shots as an amateur photographer. 

1. Decide on a subject matter 

First, you’ll want to decide exactly what it is you want to photograph. It doesn’t have to be an exact object, but you’ll want to decide if you’d like to shoot people, still life, pets, landscapes, etc. 

Deciding on your general subject matter will help you to choose your settings properly, allowing you to take the best possible photos of your chosen subject. 

2. Use auto settings… for now

As an amateur, the auto setting is your best friend — especially if you’re looking to take really great photos right away. As you get more experienced with your camera, try experimenting with the manual setting. It can help you to learn the innerworkings of your camera, and get your photos to look just how you want them.

But for now, stick with the auto setting. This will allow you to capture your subject with auto shutter speed and auto exposure, which is your best bet for taking beautiful photos without knowing everything about your camera. 

3. Take a lot of photos

One of the best things you can do as an amateur photographer is take a lot of photos. After all, it’s the only way you can learn your style, what works, and what doesn’t.

For example, if you’re taking photos of a flower in your backyard, experiment with different angles, different lighting (in the shade and in the sun), and different distances from the subject. 

This will allow you to see the results of a combination of variables, which will ultimately help you to learn and grow as a photographer. 

4. Don’t centre your subject

You know how awesome that image of the lighthouse is at your beach house? Is the lighthouse centred? 

Though we don’t always realise it, many of the most beautiful photos have a subject that is off centre. This allows you to create interest, and keeps the photo from being boring to viewers. 

To do this with your own photos, try imagining your frame as being cut in three parts both horizontally and vertically. Instead of placing your subject at the middle line, try placing it on the right line, or the bottom horizon line. 

5. Don’t get discouraged and don’t limit yourself

One of the worst things you can do as an amateur photographer is get discouraged by your photos. 

Nobody is a professional right away — it takes a lot of experimenting and a lot of photos to get to a professional level, and even then, professionals still learn a thing or two every day. 

You should also steer clear of putting yourself in a box. If the only thing you ever shoot is your dog, you’ll never know how great you are at taking still life images. 

Try shooting a different subject every week to find out what you’re good at. 

You’ll be great in no time! 

If you take the time to learn your style, experiment with different subjects, and aren’t afraid to think outside the box, you won’t be an amateur photographer for long.

Just believe in yourself, and you’re halfway there!