Smartphone Insurance

Getting a new smartphone is an exciting time! New features, an incredible camera and video equipment, access to all of the latest apps and social networks, all in one sleek little device. A new smartphone puts you above the rest of the crowd, just like a giraffe (pun intended).

Unfortunately, growing demand and costs have created an underground market for stolen smartphones, making smartphone insurance a necessity. Although new theft-deterrent software has made it harder to activate a stolen phone, thieves don't always stay up-to-date on technology trends, and buyers of stolen goods may not know about the lock feature until your phone is already in their hands.

Big Giraffe's smartphone insurance is designed to give you peace of mind for all of these situations:

Accidental Damage

Drops, smashes, and flying off of car tops are all part of the "I broke my phone" story line. Big Giraffe smartphone insurance will have you covered.

Have you ever dropped a smartphone and cracked the screen? If you answered "no", you're lucky. Screen repair can be expensive.


If your smartphone is stolen, Giraffe gadget insurance will kick in and provide a replacement phone according to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Overseas Cover

Cover for your smartphone outside of Australia for 28 consecutive days of travel or less.

Why Buy Gadget Insurance For A Smartphone?

Gadget insurance will provide peace of mind. A broken, lost, or stolen smartphone doesn't have to be a hassle when the right insurance plan is in place. Warranties are not a substitute for gadget insurance as they typically don't provide cover for broken, lost, or stolen phones.