Iphone X Insurance

Getting a new Iphone X is an exciting time! New features, an incredible camera, access to all of the latest apps and social networks, all in one sleek little device. A new Iphone X puts you above the rest of the crowd, just like a giraffe (pun intended).

Unfortunately, growing demand and costs have created an underground market for stolen Iphone Xs, making Iphone X insurance a necessity. Although new theft-deterrent software has made it harder to activate a stolen phone, thieves don't always stay up-to-date on technology trends, and buyers of stolen goods may not know about the lock feature until your phone is already in their hands.

Big Giraffe's Iphone X insurance is designed to give you peace of mind for all of these situations:

Accidental Damage

Drops, smashes, and flying off of car tops are all part of the "I broke my phone" story line. Big Giraffe Iphone X insurance will have you covered.

Have you ever dropped a Iphone X and cracked the screen? If you answered "no", you're lucky. Screen repair can be expensive.


If your Iphone X is stolen, Giraffe Phone insurance will kick in and provide a replacement phone according to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Overseas Cover

Cover for your Iphone X outside of Australia for 28 consecutive days of travel or less.

Why Buy PhoneInsurance For A Iphone X?

Phone insurance will provide peace of mind. A broken, lost, or stolen Iphone X doesn't have to be a hassle when the right insurance plan is in place. Warranties are not a substitute for Phone insurance as they typically don't provide cover for broken, lost, or stolen phones.


We aim to deliver service at a much higher level than our competition. We process most claims within 48 hours and make claim filing as easy and hassle free as possible.

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