iPad Insurance

Why Should You Insure Your iPad?

Damage, loss, or theft shouldn't ruin your connection to the online world. Manufacturer warranties are not a substitute for iPad insurance as they typically don't provide cover for broken, lost, or stolen iPads. Home insurance and renter insurance plans don't automatically cover gadgets and devices.

Big Giraffe's iPad insurance plans will cover you against accidental damage, theft, and loss. Worldwide cover is also available.

Accidental Damage

Drops, smashes, and flying off of tables and countertops can ruin a perfectly good iPad, and a perfectly good day. When Big Giraffe gadget insurance is in place, you will feel a head above the rest, just like a giraffe.

Theft & Loss

If your iPad is lost or stolen, Big Giraffe gadget insurance will kick in and provide a repair service or a replacement iPad according to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Overseas Cover

Cover for your iPad is in place outside of Australia for up to 28 consecutive days of travel.

Why Buy Gadget Insurance for an iPad?

iPad insurance will provide peace of mind. A broken or stolen iPad doesn't have to be a hassle when the right Big Giraffe insurance plan is in place.

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