Camera Insurance

Have you ever had to replace a camera because of an accident or theft? If you answered yes, then you know the pain of going without gadget insurance and having to come up with 100% of the replacement funds. Big Giraffes camera insurance underwritten by Chubb can save you the headache of unexpected replacement costs in cases of theft, accidental drops and damage.

Camera Insurance will put you at ease with coverage for all of the following situations:

Accidental Damage

Drops and damage are part of camera ownership but the wrong angle or distance to the ground can ruin your equipment. When camera insurance is in place for your camera, you'll shoot with confidence, no matter the location.

Theft & Loss

If your camera is lost or stolen, Chubb insurance will kick in and provide a repair service or a replacement camera according to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Home & Away

Cover for your camera is in place whilst you are at home, and outside of Australia up to 28 consecutive days of travel.

Why Buy Insurance For A Camera?

Camera insurance will provide peace of mind, especially because most homeowners and renter insurance policies don't cover camera equipment. A broken, lost, or stolen camera doesn't have to be a hassle when the right insurance plan is in place.

Insuring your camera with Big Giraffe is the first step toward protecting your photography investment. If you've invested in top-notch equipment, you owe it to yourself to insure it. Signing up for Camera insurance won't take long and can provide you with comprehensive protection against the risk of loss.