Apple Macbook Laptop Insurance


A new MacBook is a smart investment. Phones and tablets are wonderful but a Macbook gives you the power to take your office or digital hobbies anywhere you go.

Have you ever had to replace a MacBook because of an accident or theft? If you answered yes, then you know the pain of going without laptop insurance and having to come up with 100% of the replacement funds. Big Giraffe's Apple Macbook insurance plans can save you the headache of unexpected replacement costs in cases of theft, accidental drops and damage.


Big Giraffe Macbook Insurance will put you at ease with coverage for all of the following situations:

Accidental Damage

In cases of smashes, drops and physical damage that renders your laptop inoperable, the terms and conditions of the policy will apply.

Theft & Loss

If your laptop is lost or stolen, Giraffe Laptop Insurance policies can provide you with a replacement laptop. The terms and conditions of the policy will vary based on location and market availability.

Overseas Cover

Your laptop will be covered at home, at the local cafe, and the zoo whilst checking out the giraffes (we understand). Check your policy for location restrictions and exceptions.

Why Buy Gadget Insurance For A Laptop?

Gadget insurance for your laptop will provide peace of mind whilst you stay connected to your job or project. A broken, lost, or stolen laptop doesn't have to be a hassle when the right insurance plan is in place. Warranties are not a substitute for gadget insurance as they typically don't provide cover for broken, lost, or stolen laptops. Home insurance and renter insurance don't automatically cover electronic devices, and supplementing a homeowner or renter policy with cost-effective gadget insurance from a third-party provider can save you money.

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