Gadget Buddha

Peace of Mind

It's a fact of life that little accidents happen and when you outlay for expensive smart phones, laptops, cameras it's always good to have cover for your peace of mind.

Gadgets Globe

Stay Connected

In our connected world Big Giraffe gadget insurance allows you to replace or fix your gadgets as quickly as possible and stay connected to the world.

Gadgets Spanner

Hassle Free

Place the hassle of a broken gadget in the hands of an expert.

Gadgets Shield

Don't Rely On The Manufacturer's Warranty

The manufacturer's warranty will generally only cover mechanical defects to devices. However, the manufacturer's warranty will not cover you for damaged, lost or stolen devices.

Gadgets Money

Cost Effective

Consolidate all your gadgets under one insurance policy rather than pay for various ones from different providers or manufacturers.

Gadgets Puzzle

It Compliments Your Home Contents Insurance

Home Contents insurance does not always automatically cover your gadgets for out of home accidents, trips overseas (up to a maximum of 28 days per trip), or theft and damage.

Gadgets Travel


Thousands of gadgets are lost, stolen or damaged whilst travelling overseas so have that peace of mind and get all your gadgets covered by Big Giraffe Gadget Insurance for a maximum of 28 consecutive days per trip.