5 Ways To Protect Your Gadgets At Music Festivals

With summer now upon us, the team at Big Giraffe Gadget Insurance researched the best ways to protect your gadgets during the hedonistic summer months. So whether you are a Doofer, Raver, Bushwhacker or general festival try-hard Big Giraffe has the answers to protect your important tech at music festivals:

1 Ziplock Pouch / Waterproof Bags

Waterproof tech cases are your gadget’s best friend. Want to take gadgets out to a rain-drenched, muddy or sunbaked field without risking total destruction? Pop it in a waterproof case making your gadget fully submersible but still allowing full use of your device while it's safely sealed inside.

2 Take A Spare Cheap Option Phone

Losing or breaking your $1000 dollar smartphone is always a pain in the butt! So why not take an old or cheaper phone with you. One less thing to worry about.

3 Invest In A Screen Protector Or Case

Indulge your chronic social media addiction by investing in a screen protector or live to regret the consequences.

Or even better grab a case for your smartphone while you're at it.

This won't help much if your smartphone takes a dive into the pool, river or ocean whilst you are dancing but it will come in handy in the event you drop your precious mobile or any stray beer splashes get sprayed in its direction.

4 Thieves

Festivals are meant to be euphoric, happy, surreal with hedonistic freedom. Unfortunately this is an ideal scenario for not so hedonistic thieves! Theft of smartphones and camera equipment from unlocked tents and bags left lying around is common. Big Giraffe advises be extra vigilant with your gadgets, padlock your tents, padlock valuables in a suitcase, you can even bury important equipment... just remember where!

5 Overseas Data Roaming

If you are heading to a festival overseas then remember to turn your data roaming off, unless of course you'd like a sky-high bill. Use free Wi-Fi hotspots if you want to check your email without paying through the nose for it.

Download a tracker app in case your phone gets stolen from those pesky thieves as mentioned above. Yes! Thankfully, it's now possible to track your handset using some magic app-related technology.

Before your handset takes a long and terminal drink in that muddy puddle, it's worth sticking your neck out (pardon the pun) on a Big Giraffe gadget policy, underwritten by Chubb. It covers for theft, loss and accidental damage and with up to 28 consecutive days overseas protection.

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